2018-11-26: News Headlines

Arkady Savitsky (2018-11-25). UK Commits Extra Military Forces to Ukraine: Irresponsible Policy, Dangerous Repercussions. globalresearch.ca Ukraine's Constitutional Court green-lighted a bill on amending the country's main law by enshrining into it the final goal of obtaining NATO and EU membership. The decision was announced the next day after the UK and Ukraine's defense ministries made …

Justin Anderson (2018-11-25). Minimal Media Attention Helped Sink Crucial Climate Initiatives. globalresearch.ca Climate change took a backseat to other issues in this year's midterm elections, and humanity may end up paying the price. The majority of climate change-related ballot measures failed, many climate deniers in the Republican party won or kept …

Ted Rall (2018-11-23). Whatever Happened to Resigning on Principle? counterpunch.org This past spring the president met with his White House counsel to discuss an idea. Donald Trump wanted to order the Justice Department to prosecute Hillary Clinton and James Comey, the FBI director he fired. "It is not clear which accusations Mr. Trump wanted prosecutors to pursue," reported The New York Times. The counsel, Don More

Geoff Dutton (2018-11-23). Deval Patrick, the Compassionate Corporatist? counterpunch.org Deval Patrick declares victory in the MA gubernatorial race, 2006. Drawing by Deniz Dutton, age 5 For Democrats, the 2020 primary season could come right out of their 2008 playbook, with a black man contesting a white woman for nomination to the highest office in the land. It's unlikely that the name Deval Patrick does More

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