2018-11-04: News Headlines

Lee Fang (2018-11-04). Weapons Makers Rushing Campaign Cash to Democrat in Line to Chair Defense Industry's Key House Committee. theintercept.com Weapons makers are moving last-minute money to the Democratic congressman in line to chair the defense industry's key House committee, as he is under assault from a fellow Democrat, who is attacking his pro-war record just ahead of a rare intra-party general election. | If Democrats take the House of Representatives, the next chair of the Armed Services Committee, which oversees military affairs and defense spending, will likely be Rep. Adam Smith, a hawkish Democrat from Washington state who represents a district in the Seattle-area, where important elements of the military-industrial complex are concentrated.

GPSCC (2018-11-04). State Proposition positions from the Green Party of Santa Clara county. indybay.org Below are the state proposition positions and articles from the Green Party of Santa Clara County.

Sheep Media (2018-11-04). Hillary Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency. globalresearch.ca One of the 3,000 Hillary emails has revealed evidence that NATO's plot to overthrow Gaddafi was fueled by first their desire to quash the gold-backed African currency, and second the Libyan oil reserves.

RT (2018-11-04). Twitter deletes 10,000+ bot accounts that 'discouraged US midterm voting'. rt.com Twitter has wiped thousands of 'automated accounts' that sought to discourage midterm voting, after Democrats raised concerns the electorate might fall for bogus appeals, like urging men not to vote to let women's voices be heard.

Staff (2018-11-03). For Some, a Vibrant U.S. Economy Complicates Voting Decision. truthdig.com EXTON, Pennsylvania—For many voters in America's affluent suburbs, a flourishing economy is forcing a thorny dilemma for the midterm elections. | Do they vote Democratic, in part to protest President Donald Trump for behavior some see as divisive and unpresidential? Or do they back Republicans in hopes that the economy will continue thriving under the majority party? | A healthy economy has at least complicated their decision and blurred the outcome of the midterm elections. On Friday, the government reported that employers added a robust 250,000 jobs in October. And the unemployment rate stayed at a five-d…

Don Fitz (2018-11-02). Restricting Election Reporting to Issues That Don't Matter – A guest perspective. fair.org According to news reports, candidates in a Missouri auditor debate "question[ed] each other's qualifications" (Kansas City Star, 9/14/18)…A campaign for state auditor can provoke an intense, even exciting, discussion of significant issues via their cost to government. Or they can sink into boring aspects of state finance. Or politicians can try to turn debates into a circus of insults. Which campaign the voters see depends very much on which aspects news media choose to cover. | As the Green Party candidate for Missouri state auditor, I brought up in the first candidates' debate (9/14/18) the

Paul Street (2018-11-02). What Debate? Some Strategic Electoral Considerations. counterpunch.org Someone recently asked me my opinion on "the left debate over lesser evil voting" this year. What debate? There's no debate. Anyone who doesn't understand that the creeping fascist white nationalist Republicans are more horrific than the dismal dollar Democrats in ways that matter enough to hold one's nose and vote "for" the Dems in More

pip.hinman (2018-11-02). Doco shows remarkable program helping Aboriginal kids. greenleft.org.au Backtrack Boys
| Documentary by Catherine Scott
| In cinemas now | The best documentary films are ones that tell a story. Backtrack Boys allows Aboriginal kids from around the Armidale region in NSW to express themselves and show how hard life is for them. | These are kids who are who are close to totally off the rails. Luckily, they have become involved in a youth program run by an ex-roustabout called Bernie Shakeshaft. By teaching the kids how to train farm dogs, he gets them to calm their emotions, develop self-discipline and find a path for themselves. | The scenes where he teaches the kids how to qu…

John Nichols (2018-11-02). Bernie Sanders: 'Trump Is Somebody Who Clearly Does Not Respect Democracy'. thenation.com Bernie Sanders: 'Trump Is Somebody Who Clearly Does Not Respect Democracy'

Nick Pemberton (2018-11-02). Violence Will Ensue If The GOP Loses. counterpunch.org In the wake of yet another preventable massacre here in the United States, Donald Trump and his lying team of sociopaths are scrambling for excuses. In my mind, the American culture of violence as seen in the Pentagon, Hollywood and elsewhere is first to blame. Next comes the woefully corrupt Republicans and their allegiance to More

Zaid Jilani (2018-11-01). Kansas and Oklahoma May Deliver Surprise Victories for Democrats on Election Day. theintercept.com As the nation tunes into election results next Tuesday night, they may end up seeing a few spots of blue in an unusual place — smack dab in the middle of America's heartland. | In both Kansas and Oklahoma, the GOP's hold on its governors' mansions is in peril, as polling has tightened and the elections in these states are now considered toss-ups. Alongside these two heartland states, Democrats are running competitive races for governor in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio, meaning that the splotch of blue could become a broad swath running across the middle of the country. In addition to various…

aclu (2018-10-31). Ohio's Congressional Map is Broken. Here Are 3 Ways to Fix It. aclu.org Ohio's map consistently gives Republicans 75 percent of the states' congressional seats, regardless of the votes they earn. | As Ohio voters head to the polls next week, many will struggle to overcome congressional districts that have allowed politicians to choose their voters instead of the other way around. | Thanks to an aggressive redistricting operation, Ohio's current congressional map, enacted in December 2011, is gerrymandered to lock in a 12-to-4 district advantage for Republican candidates. | In each subsequent election, it has w…

Ramón Castellblanch (2018-10-31). Republicans' Fake Pre-Existing Condition Coverage. progressive.org Unless candidates tell us how they're going to pay for their healthcare promises, we better not believe them.

Lawrence Wittner (2018-10-07). What's Happened to the Big Wage Increases Promised by Republicans? zcomm.org The recent announcement by the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, that his company would give substantial raises to its lowest-paid employees should not blind us to the fact that most American workers are not receiving big wage increases. In fact, the real wages (that is, wages adjusted for inflation) of average American workers are declining. Read more…

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