2018-09-16: News Headlines

David Akadjian, Daily Kos (2018-09-16). Here's Why the Republican Party Has Abandoned Reality. alternet.org It's Trump's GOP now. | This year, the Republican candidate for governor in Georgia was decided in a special runoff election between Brian Kemp and Casey Cagle, the top two finishers in the Republican primary. Before the runoff election, Casey Cagle was secretly recordedtalking about the craziness of the Ge. . .

Staff (2018-09-16). Grim Warnings for White House, GOP Ahead of Election. truthdig.com A top Republican pollster reportedly cites voters' feelings about President Trump as the determining factor in the November midterms, amid a darkening mood over prospects for holding the House and even the Senate.

Daily Kos (2018-09-16). Ted Cruz is Mailing Elderly Voters Contribution Spam Disguised as County Summons. alternet.org Well, this is despicable. | What to do when the only Republican who will fund raise with you is a discredited, odious joke of a so called President? Try to scam elderly voters of course. . . Received this for my 88-year-old grandma. Says it's a summons from Travis County, but is actually asking for money for @tedcruz . Did your campaign authorize this? Is this even. . .

Stan Collender, DC Report (2018-09-16). Credit-Card Republicans Just Dug Us a $900 Billion Hole. alternet.org The federal deficit is souring. | The first of two official government reports that will be released this month showing that the federal budget deficit is soaring was issued on Monday when the Congressional Budget Office published it's Monthly Budget Review for August. According to CBO, the deficit through the first 11 months of fiscal 2018 was $895 billion, a $222 billion (32. 8%). . .

RT (2018-09-16). Texas Education Board votes to cut Hillary Clinton's name from student curriculum. rt.com Students in Texas will not be obliged to learn about Hillary Clinton in their history class, but will discuss the impact of Moses on the nation's founding documents, following a vote by the State Board of Education.

Daniel A. Medina (2018-09-15). DSA's Julia Salazar Is Headed to the New York State Senate. theintercept.com As the final vote tally came across the TV screens above, Julia Salazar stared off in a daze at the sea of supporters who had crammed into a Bushwick bar Thursday night. | "Oh, my God," Salazar said aloud to no one in particular as her campaign staff swarmed her. The 27-year-old democratic socialist candidate for state Senate had done what socialists do not typically do in American politics: She'd won, and won big, knocking off longtime incumbent state Sen. Martin Dilan. | Her 18-point victory over the four-term establishment incumbent was another watershed moment for the Democratic Socialists of America, whose rise in American politics in the Donald Trump era went into hyperdrive in June with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's shock victory. | "This is a victory for workers," said a still-startled Salazar in her short victory speech. "This is a victory for the…

Dr. Binoy Kampmark (2018-09-15). A Traditional Right: Jimmie Akesson and the Sweden Democrats. globalresearch.ca Note to readers: please click the share buttons above. Forward this article to your email lists. Crosspost on your blog site, internet forums. etc. | Sweden's elections are normally dull affairs. The same political arrangements have been in place for decades, …

Nancy LeTourneau, The Washington Monthly (2018-09-15). Nancy Pelosi Embraces the Change Republicans Fear Most. alternet.org White men have been a minority in the Democratic caucus since 2012. The former speaker understands the power of partnership. | As we approach the end of primary season, Elena Schneider reports that white men are in the minority among Democratic House nominees. White men are in the minority in the House Democratic candi. . .

Matthew Rozsa, Salon (2018-09-15). Fox News Fact-Checks a False Economic Claim Made by a Trump — For a Second Time This Week. alternet.org The president's son also repeated an anti-Semitic slur he had previously used regarding Bob Woodward's book "Fear | Eric Trump, the son of President Donald Trump, was fact-checked Thursday by Republican-friendly Fox News after he mischaracterized the health of the economy under former President Barack Obama in order to play up his father's record. During an appearance on. . .

Lee Fang (2018-09-15). Verizon Leaves Right-Wing Legislative Group ALEC Over Its Invitation to Anti-Muslim Activist David Horowitz. theintercept.com In recent years, right-wing activist David Horowitz has enjoyed broad influence in the Republican Party. Horowitz is known for his acidic commentary and advocacy, describing all Palestinians as "Nazis," smearing former President Barack Obama as a secret Muslim, and claiming that the anti-lynching memorial in Alabama is an example of "anti-white racism." | His extremist brand of politics, however, is finally turning into a liability for his GOP allies. On Wednesday, former Rep. Ron DeSantis, the GOP nominee for governor of Florida, ducked questions from reporters about his regular appearances at Horowitz-organized donor retreats. | Now, Verizon is cutting ties with an influential business alliance, the American Legislative Exchange Council, over the group's decision to host Horowitz as a featured speaker at the ALEC summit in New Orleans last month."Our company has no tolerance for racist, white supremacist…

wsws (2018-09-15). German Social Democrats feign opposition to fascist AfD. wsws.org Following last month's neo-Nazi riots in Chemnitz, the Social Democratic Party is trying to disguise its own responsibility for promoting the extreme right.

wsws (2018-09-15). Andrew Cuomo defeats Cynthia Nixon in New York Democratic gubernatorial primary election. wsws.org Cuomo had the backing of the dominant sections of the ruling class, raising over $25 million for his campaign.

wsws (2018-09-15). New York Times goads Trump into major new war in Syria. wsws.org Columnist Bret Stephens, who penned the Times article demanding escalation in Syria, is a longtime Republican neocon who fervently supported the Iraq war.

Shared by Jocelyn Dombroski (2018-09-14). Ben Jealous: Build Maryland's Economy From The Bottom Up. therealnews.com As a new report finds 1/3 Maryland residents face financial hardships, the underdog Democratic candidate for governor says he'll fight corporations to help working people

Ralph Nader (2018-09-14). Where is the Democrats' Contract with America 2018? counterpunch.org What does the Democratic Party stand for? The big question persists! Typical of the Democrats, they delegated this question to political consultants who came up with the vapid slogan, "A Better Deal." The specifics under that moniker are too general and, as a result, too easily dismissed by the public. The Democratic operatives need to More

Mark Gruenberg (2018-09-14). NY Primary: Cuomo wins but progressives score major victories. peoplesworld.org NEW YORK—Progressive groups claimed victory in New York's September 14 Democratic primary, even as their foe, Gov. Andrew Cuomo won by a 2-to-1 ratio at the top of the ballot and brought his running mates in with him. Letitia James who won the Democratic nomination for Attorney General in a four person race,…

David Rosen (2018-09-14). Why Stop at Roe? How "Settled Law" Can be Overturned. counterpunch.org The Senate hearings on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court was a political charade. Everyone knows that the fix is in. The Republicans control the Senate and, like the earlier appointment of Neil Gorsuch, will push Kavanaugh's nomination through unless some yet-undisclosed serious scandal is revealed. The hearings were More

Democracy Now! (2018-09-14). Effective Tool to Limit Greenhouse Emissions or a "License to Pollute"? A Debate on Cap and Trade. democracynow.org Protesters disrupted the Global Climate Action Summit Thursday, criticizing California Governor Jerry Brown in part for his support for cap and trade. Cap and trade is a market-driven strategy in which governments cap emission levels, then allow companies to buy and sell permits to pollute. California has the most far-reaching cap-and-trade program in the United States. Last year Governor Brown signed an extension to the state's cap-and-trade law, which began under Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Governor Brown has credited cap and trade with limiting the state's greenhouse gas emissions, but the issue…

Robert Koehler (2018-09-14). Keeping Racism Alive at the Polls. counterpunch.org There's almost no such thing as voter fraud, even though the Trump administration — and Republicans in general — affect to be so afraid of it they've had to develop a system guaranteed to purge voters from the rolls in enormous numbers. They're keeping America safe! From nothing. This, you might say, is the elephant More

wsws (2018-09-14). Republican war criminals endorse CIA Democrat Slotkin. wsws.org Democrat Elissa Slotkin has used her three tours of duty for the CIA in Iraq as her main credential for election to Congress.

wsws (2018-09-14). 12,800 immigrant children detained in American internment camps. wsws.org While the Trump administration is preparing for a massive expansion of immigrant internment camps, the Democratic Party has abandoned the issue.

RT (2018-09-14). #Walkaway founder banned from Facebook for linking to Infowars. rt.com Brandon Straka, the former Democrat who founded the #WalkAway campaign was banned from Facebook ahead of a protest in Washington DC. "They're trying to sabotage the march on Washington," he told RT. |

wsws (2018-09-14). Duisburg, Germany: Social democratic mayor agitates against refugees and migrants from Eastern Europe. wsws.org Mayor Sà∂ren Link was able to broadcast his racist demagogy on one of Germany's leading TV channels, claiming citizens from other EU countries were flocking to Germany to cash in on social benefits.

RT (2018-09-14). Playing both sides: Despite woke advertising, Nike donates big to GOP. rt.com Despite a virtue-signaling ad campaign featuring anthem-kneeling NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, sportswear giant Nike donates more than three times as much money to Republicans as it does to Democrats.

Eoin Higgins (2018-09-13). A Group of Democrats Joined Republicans to Give Them Power in New York. On Election Day, New Yorkers Wiped Them Out. theintercept.com All eight members of Andrew Cuomo's IDC faced primary challenges on Election Day in New York. Most were wiped out.

RT (2018-09-13). Hillary Clinton bashes Kavanaugh with debunked fake news claim. rt.com Hillary Clinton came out swinging against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, bashing the judge for his hardline statements against contraception. The problem: he never said them. |

RT (2018-09-13). Democrats raised Puerto Rico death toll 'to make me look bad': Trump blasted for 'appalling' tweets. rt.com As Hurricane Florence bears down on the US, President Trump was blasted online after he said that the death count for Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico last year was raised by Democrats to make him look bad. |

Ryan Grim (2018-09-12). Dianne Feinstein Withholding Brett Kavanaugh Document From Fellow Judiciary Committee Democrats. theintercept.com Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have privately requested to view a Brett Kavanaugh-related document in possession of the panel's top Democrat, Dianne Feinstein, but the senior California senator has so far refused, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation. | The specific content of the document, which is a letter from a California constituent, is unclear, but Feinstein's refusal to share the letter has created tension on the committee, particularly after Feinstein largely took a back seat to her more junior colleagues last week, as they took over Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings with protests around access to documents. | The letter took a circuitous route to Feinstein, the top-ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee. It purportedly describes an incident that was relayed to someone affiliated with Stanford University, who authored the letter and sent it to Rep. Anna Eshoo, a Democrat who…

Justin Anderson (2018-09-12). Establishment Media Shy Away From Claims of Perjury by Kavanaugh. fair.org Daily Beast ( 9/7/18) | Trump Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh was subject to a wringer of testy Senate confirmation hearings last week. The current DC Circuit Court judge has come under fire from Democrats on the Judiciary Committee for his stances against the landmark pro-abortion decision Roe v. Wade, affirmative action and programs for Native Hawaiians, as well as his support for torture. | But some Democrats have also said that Kavanaugh lied under oath in both current and past hearings, and groups like Free Speech for People, Demand Justice, MoveOn and NARAL Pro-Choice America have all advocated perjury probes against him. However, these serious allegations of perjury have received sparse coverage from establishment media outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and NPR. | Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy noted that while Kavanaugh was…

Joshua Holland (2018-09-12). How One of America's Trumpiest Democrats Got a Surprising Challenger. thenation.com How One of America's Trumpiest Democrats Got a Surprising Challenger appeared first on The Nation.

Daniel A. Medina (2018-09-12). What Kind of Resistance? The Battle for New York Attorney General Opens Up a Rift. theintercept.com Will big money swamp the New York attorney general race, or are Democrats looking to shake things up?

RT (2018-09-12). California man arrested for trying to stab Republican Congress candidate. rt.com Alameda County police have arrested a knife-wielding man who reportedly attacked congressional candidate Rudy Peters with a switchblade after making "disparaging remarks" about the GOP.

Richard Kim (2018-09-11). The Supreme Court Is an Antidemocratic Hot Mess—and We Should Change That. thenation.com The Supreme Court Is an Antidemocratic Hot Mess—and We Should Change That appeared first on The Nation.

Jake Jacobs (2018-09-11). New York's Democratic Primary is a Showdown for Charter School Politics. progressive.org The upcoming New York primary could redefine the Democratic party in the state—and could mean drastic change for the charter school industry.

Peter Schrag (2018-09-11). Can California Democrats Flip the House in November? thenation.com Can California Democrats Flip the House in November? appeared first on The Nation.

Shared by Hezvo Mpunga (2018-09-11). Far-Right Gains in Swedish Election, Continuing European Trend. therealnews.com The far-right and anti-immigrant party, Swedish Democrats, increase their share of the vote from 13 to 18 percent, while neither of the two major party alliances, of the center-left and of the center-right has enough votes to form a government on its own. We analyze the result with Ali Esbati, an Iranian-Swedish member of parliament

John Nichols (2018-09-11). Cynthia Nixon Is Campaigning to Do What Cuomo Has Failed to Do: Democratize New York. thenation.com Cynthia Nixon Is Campaigning to Do What Cuomo Has Failed to Do: Democratize New York appeared first on The Nation.

RT (2018-09-11). DeSantis quits Congress amid claims of racism-by-association. rt.com Florida's Republican gubernatorial candidate is being accused of racism again, over past appearances at a conference hosted by a prominent anti-Islam activist. Ron DeSantis has resigned from the House to focus on the campaign.

RT (2018-09-11). NY Democratic candidate for governor targeted by own party with anti-Semitism mailer. rt.com Ahead of New York's Democratic primary, someone within the party has paid for a mailer accusing progressive gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon of anti-Semitism.

Democracy Now! (2018-09-10). Ex-Senate Aide: Kavanaugh Should Be Impeached for Lying Under Oath About Stolen Democratic Memos. democracynow.org Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh is facing accusations of perjury following his confirmation hearing last week. Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont has suggested Kavanaugh lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee during his 2004 and 2006 hearings to become a federal judge. During those hearings Kavanaugh denied seeing private Democratic files that detailed strategies for opposing Republican judicial nominees while he was associate counsel in the George W. Bush White House. We speak with Lisa Graves, former top aide to Senator Patrick Leahy, whose new piece is headlined "I Wrote Some of the Stol…

Democracy Now! (2018-09-07). Roe v. Wade in Danger: Released Docs Reveal Kavanaugh Thinks Abortion Decision Is Not "Settled Law" democracynow.org Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing took a series of dramatic turns Thursday, as Democratic senators began releasing confidential documents from Kavanaugh's work at the George W. Bush White House. The New York Times also broke a major story Thursday morning revealing that Kavanaugh wrote as a White House attorney in 2003 that he did not deem the Supreme Court's landmark Roe v. Wade abortion rights decision to be "settled law of the land." He wrote, "I am not sure that all legal scholars refer to Roe as the settled law of the land at the Supreme Court level since Court can always overrule…

RT (2018-09-07). 'Fake news' v 'alternative facts'? Libertarian presidential hopeful on Facebook censorship. rt.com Facebook's strategy to provide "alternative facts" to combat "fake news" will only result in political censorship that will cater for the interests of the Democratic Party, the Libertarians' presidential hopeful told RT.

RT (2018-09-07). 'Fell asleep': Trump unimpressed as Obama makes 1st public attack on his policies in midterm speech. rt.com Former President Barack Obama has backed the Democratic party's campaign efforts by throwing shade at President Donald Trump and voicing support for progressive policies. Trump shot back that he found it "very good for sleeping."

Democracy Now! (2018-09-05). Chaos Greets Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing as Protesters & Dems Demand Postponement. democracynow.org Protests, arrests and repeated calls from Democratic senators to adjourn the proceedings. That's how confirmation hearings began Tuesday for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's pick to fill Justice Anthony Kennedy's seat on the Supreme Court. We begin our look at the hearings with Heidi Sieck, co-founder of the national organization VoteProChoice, who was the first member of the public to enter the Kavanaugh hearings on Tuesday and was removed after she protested, along with dozens of others who interrupted the proceedings.

Orson Aguilar (2018-09-04). Democrats Can't Run from Identity Politics. progressive.org Political pundits say progressives are alienating working class whites by talking too much about race. They're wrong.

Democracy Now! (2018-09-04). Headlines for September 4, 2018. democracynow.org Confirmation Hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh Begin Today, Trump Attacks Sessions for Filing Charges Against 2 Republican Congressmen, Father of Mollie Tibbetts: Don't Use Her Death to Promote Xenophobia and Racism, Trump Warns Syrian Government Not to Attack Idlib, Reuters Journalists Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison After Investigating Burmese Military Massacre, Saudi-Led Coalition Says Bombing of School Bus, Killing 40 Children, Was "Unjustified", Germany: 50,000 Attend Anti-Racism Concert in Chemnitz, Brazil: Fire at National Museum Destroys Millions of Pieces of Art and History, Canadian Court Rejects Effort…

Ruth Conniff (2018-08-29). Florida Primary Sets up Stark Choice, New Day for Democrats. progressive.org In Tuesday's primary elections, Democrats offer a powerful answer to the rapacious politics that have exacerbated inequality across the country.

James Jeffrey (2018-08-27). The Democratic Party's 1968 Implosion Is Still Sending Shock Waves Fifty Years On. progressive.org After the establishment came down on the counterculture at the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention, the Democratic Party was never the same.

Erwin Knoll (2018-08-25). The Night Erwin Knoll Spent in Jail: A Report from the Democrat's 1968 Convention in Chicago. progressive.org This piece was originally published in 1968 after the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where anti-war demonstrations were met with violent police backlash. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the event.

Paul Krassner (2018-08-22). The Funny Side of 1968. progressive.org A flashback to the unruly Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

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