2018-09-10: News Headlines

Travis Gettys, Raw Story (2018-09-10). Watch: Omarosa Manigault Newman Visits The View to Leak Audio of Trump Ranting About Hillary Clinton And Russia. alternet.org "The real Russia story is Hillary and collusion. " | Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman shared a new recording with "The View" of her time working for President Donald Trump. The recording shows Trump rambling about Hillary Clinton and the Russia investigation after interrupting a meeting about tax cut legislation in October 2017, shortly after reporting showed his rival's campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped pay for opposition research b. . .

Matthew Chapman, AlterNet (2018-09-10). GOP Governor Dodges His Own Campaign Event As Activists Protest Blocking of Public Beaches: 'Scared of A Bunch of Little Old Ladies'. alternet.org Gov. Rick Scott continues to face fallout from unpopular legislation as he pursues the Senate. | Florida Gov. Rick Scott is mounting a relentless, well-funded campaign against Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. But Scott's bid for Senate is increasingly complicated by his controversial decisions in his current office. On Sunday, the Tampa Bay Times Democracy Now! (2018-09-10). Ex-Senate Aide: Kavanaugh Should Be Impeached for Lying Under Oath About Stolen Democratic Memos. democracynow.org Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh is facing accusations of perjury following his confirmation hearing last week. Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont has suggested Kavanaugh lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee during his 2004 and 2006 hearings to become a federal judge. During those hearings Kavanaugh denied seeing private Democratic files that detailed strategies for opposing Republican judicial nominees while he was associate counsel in the George W. Bush White House. We speak with Lisa Graves, former top aide to Senator Patrick Leahy, whose new piece is headlined "I Wrote Some of the Stol…

Alex Henderson, AlterNet (2018-09-10). It's Only Monday: Here Are 5 Reasons This Week Is Off to A Very Bad Start for Donald Trump. alternet.org Buckle up, Trumpworld. | From the release of veteran political journalist/author Bob Woodward's new book, "Fear: Trump in the White House" (which is due out on September 11) to Paul Manafort's second trial to low approval ratings only two months before the November midterms, this week is getting off to a very bad start for President Donald Trump. And if Democrats, by some chance, are able to sink the confirmation of Trump's Supreme Court nominee. . .

Aída Chávez (2018-09-10). Establishment Democrats Are Pouring Millions Into Rhode Island to Save an Unpopular Governor From an Insurgent Challenge. theintercept.com Money that could be helping Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum, or Ben Jealous is instead going to a former banker in Rhode Island.

Michael Arney (2018-09-10). States' fights are key to controlling Congress and democracy. peoplesworld.org The developing consensus is that the midterm elections this November will be a "blue wave." Never-Trump Republicans, conservatives, and progressive and centrist Democrats see a probable outcome of Democratic control of the House and maybe even the Senate. Both, or a change in control of the House alone, would be a tremendous political victory in the quest to halt President Trump as well as the Right. | There is plenty of evidence to support the argument. For example, since Trump's 2017 inauguration, in nearly 100 special elections on the state and national levels in more than half of our states, Democrats have significantly outperformed their Republican counterparts. | However, Trump's victory and this year's primary upsets expose the risky business of predicting elections. More importantly, readers should take a step back and realize that in most cases, state governments hold…

Alex Henderson, AlterNet (2018-09-10). The Mainstreaming of Alex Jones: Here's How A Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist Went from Fringe to Insider in Trump's America. alternet.org With Donald Trump's presidency and the rise of the alt-right, Jones has gone from the fringe to the Republican Party mainstream. | Back in the 1990s and 2000s, no one was using the word "insider" to describe Alex Jones. The right-wing libertarian/paleoconservative radio host thrived on his outsider status, attacking the Republican Party establishment and neocons as vehemently as he attacked Democrats—and his Shared by Samantha Borek (2018-09-10). Ex-Senator Aide: Kavanaugh Should Be Impeached. truthout.org Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh is facing accusations of perjury following his confirmation hearing last week. Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont has suggested Kavanaugh lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee during his 2004 and 2006 hearings to become a federal judge. During those hearings Kavanaugh denied seeing private Democratic files that detailed strategies for opposing Republican judicial nominees while he was associate counsel in the George W. Bush White House. We speak with Lisa Graves, former top aide to Senator Patrick Leahy, whose new piece is headlined "I Wrote Some of the Stolen Memos That Brett Kavanaugh Lied to the Senate About." Graves is the former chief counsel for nominations for the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and was deputy assistant attorney general in the Department of Justice. She is now co-director of Documented, which investigates corporate influence…

Mark Gruenberg (2018-09-10). Testimony: Kavanaugh would let "a cancer on the presidency" grow unchecked. peoplesworld.org WASHINGTON—It's a famous phrase from 45 years ago — "a cancer on the presidency." And John Dean, the man who first uttered it, now applies it to Donald Trump. | But, Dean said, it's a different type of cancer now: Not just a Nixonian cover-up of criminal misdeeds, but a view of the presidency, by Trump and especially by his U.S. Supreme Court nominee, federal appellate judge Brett Kavanaugh, that would let such cover-ups go unchecked. | That's because, unlike Richard Nixon, the current Republican president does not respect the rule of law, Dean adds. And Trump's nominee, Kavanaugh, vocally and strongly endorses a right-wing theory that puts all power over every facet of government into the presidency alone. | Dean, of course, had been Richard Nixon's White House Counsel for three years when, on Jan. 21, 1973, he sat Nixon down in…

Joan McCarter, Daily Kos (2018-09-10). Trump's 'Get-Out-of-Jail-Free' Card: Republicans Nominated Kavanaugh to Protect The President. alternet.org Brett Kavanaugh didn't even reach the Neil Gorsuch standard of distance from Trump | The very fact of Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court remains a problem for the nation. It's entirely likely Kavanaugh ended up sitting before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week for one reason and one reason only: his wsws (2018-09-10). Grand Coalition adopts plan for historic rearmament of German military forces. wsws.org Behind the backs of the population, the Grand Coalition of Christian Democrats and Social Democrats is planning a massive arms drive.

wsws (2018-09-10). A week of crisis and deepening dysfunction in US politics. wsws.org There is no progressive or democratic side in the conflict between Trump and his opponents within the military-intelligence apparatus, the corporate media, and the Democratic Party.

WIJ (2018-09-10). 17 Years Since 9/11 Inside Job. indybay.org One measure of the success of the 9/11 Truth Movement is that in this 17th year since the September 11, 2001 Inside Job, the capitalist class has had to resurrect the old pretext of anti-Russian hysteria with its mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, since the other mouthpiece, the Republican Party, failed to convince Americans that scapegoating Muslims and immigrants in the effort of the capitalist class to promote war and fascism to maximize profits was worthwhile policy. So now, the Democrats scapegoat Russians instead of promoting a serious anti-poverty plan.

wsws (2018-09-10). Sri Lankan prime minister threatens increased internet and social media censorship. wsws.org Wickremesinghe's comments are part of the escalating global censorship of the internet and social media, and other attacks on democratic rights.

SouthFront (2018-09-09). Iranian Rockets Hit Iranian Kurdish Opposition Headquarters In Northern Iraq (Videos). iranian.com On September 8, heavy Iranian rockets stuck the headquarters of two Iranian Kurdish opposition parties, the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) and the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) in the northern Iraqi town of Koya. The KDPI said that the Iranian rocket strike targeted a conference held by the political office of the […]

Margaret Flowers (2018-09-09). We've Come a Long Way: Obama Says Medicare for All Is a "Good New Idea" globalresearch.ca On September 7, 2018, speaking at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, President Obama said that Democrats are running on "good new ideas like Medicare for All…" | This indicates a significant …

Shared by Hezvo Mpunga (2018-09-09). Economic Update: Capitalism Invites Deepening Criticism. therealnews.com This week: Updates on new approach to Labor Day; DNC accepts fossil fuel donations; Turkey's crisis as typical capitalist instability; collapse of Genoa toll bridge; exploding gap between CEO and average worker pay; Gallup Poll on capitalism vs socialism in US; and Professor Wolff interviews Dr. Harriet Fraad on why U.S. workers don't rebel more…

David Dayen (2018-09-08). Sean Patrick Maloney Calls Zephyr Teachout "Unhinged" for Accurately Describing His Voting Record. theintercept.com During Thursday's New York attorney general debate, Sean Patrick Maloney called his fellow Democratic candidate Zephyr Teachout "unhinged" for accurately describing his voting record. Maloney, a congressperson from upstate New York, stood with big banks on two critical occasions to roll back elements of the Dodd-Frank financial reform, Teachout had accurately noted. | The exchange, during which Maloney was booed by the audience, was the latest of several instances where Maloney has claimed that African-American small bankers in his district were the primary beneficiaries of the deregulatory policies he favored. In reality, large mega-banks benefited far more from both of the votes Teachout cited. | Those same large mega-banks and other financial industry players are supporting Maloney's campaign for attorney general, a position which has sometimes been called "the sheriff of Wall Street" because of its jurisdiction. Earlier this week, the…

wsws (2018-09-08). What is the Teamsters for a Democratic Union? wsws.org Since 1976 the Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU), long a faction in the union bureaucracy, has been trying to replace IBT officials with those it claims will be more accountable to the rank and file.

wsws (2018-09-08). Obama speech escalates factional warfare against Trump. wsws.org The central focus of Obama's speech was an appeal to disaffected Republicans and conservatives to vote for the Democratic Party in the fall.

wsws (2018-09-08). Far-right Sweden Democrats poised to make gains in general election. wsws.org Chief responsibility for the rise of the right-wing extremists lies with the Social Democrats, who have gutted public spending and whipped up anti-immigrant chauvinism.

Shared by Hezvo Mpunga (2018-09-07). Democrats Are Engaging in 'Kabuki Theater' in the Kavanaugh Hearings. therealnews.com In the hearings to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as a new Supreme Court justice, Democrats are mostly focusing on hypothetical questions instead of questioning him on his record and releasing his documents. This is an inflection point in US democracy, says law Prof. Francis Boyle

Democracy Now! (2018-09-07). Roe v. Wade in Danger: Released Docs Reveal Kavanaugh Thinks Abortion Decision Is Not "Settled Law" democracynow.org Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing took a series of dramatic turns Thursday, as Democratic senators began releasing confidential documents from Kavanaugh's work at the George W. Bush White House. The New York Times also broke a major story Thursday morning revealing that Kavanaugh wrote as a White House attorney in 2003 that he did not deem the Supreme Court's landmark Roe v. Wade abortion rights decision to be "settled law of the land." He wrote, "I am not sure that all legal scholars refer to Roe as the settled law of the land at the Supreme Court level since Court can always overrule…

RT (2018-09-07). 'Fell asleep': Trump unimpressed as Obama makes 1st public attack on his policies in midterm speech. rt.com Former President Barack Obama has backed the Democratic party's campaign efforts by throwing shade at President Donald Trump and voicing support for progressive policies. Trump shot back that he found it "very good for sleeping."

RT (2018-09-07). 'Fake news' v 'alternative facts'? Libertarian presidential hopeful on Facebook censorship. rt.com Facebook's strategy to provide "alternative facts" to combat "fake news" will only result in political censorship that will cater for the interests of the Democratic Party, the Libertarians' presidential hopeful told RT.

wsws (2018-09-07). CIA Democrat complains of political spying by Republicans. wsws.org Democrat Abigail Spanberger, whose main political "credential" is eight years as an undercover CIA operative, is denouncing the Republican Party for obtaining a copy of her full federal security clearance document.

John Nichols (2018-09-06). Cory Booker Rips Open the Web of Secrecy Republicans Have Woven Around Brett Kavanaugh. thenation.com Cory Booker Rips Open the Web of Secrecy Republicans Have Woven Around Brett Kavanaugh appeared first on The Nation.

RT (2018-09-06). Bernie Sanders proposes 'Stop BEZOS' bill to end corporate welfare, boost wages. rt.com Vermont Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders has unveiled his new 'Stop BEZOS' Act, a pointed jab at the Amazon CEO, which ostensibly aims to entirely eliminate one kind of corporate welfare in the US.

Jon Wiener (2018-09-05). Brett Kavanaugh Must Answer These Questions. thenation.com Brett Kavanaugh Must Answer These Questions appeared first on The Nation.

Sam Biddle (2018-09-05). Sheryl Sandberg Misled Congress About Facebook's Conscience. theintercept.com Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg draped herself in the star-spangled banner of American principles before today's Senate Select Intelligence Committee hearing on social media. Sandberg proclaimed that democratic values of free expression were integral to the company's conscience. "We would only operate in a country where we could do so in keeping with our values," she went on. Either this was a lie told under oath, or Facebook has some pretty lousy values."We would only operate in a country where we could do so in keeping with our values." | Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., questioned Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about the fact that they are both ostensibly American companies, but also firms with users around the world — including in countries with legal systems and values that differ drastically from the United States. Rubio cited various governments that crack down…

John Nichols (2018-09-05). Ayanna Pressley Wins a Fight for the Soul of the Democratic Party. thenation.com Ayanna Pressley Wins a Fight for the Soul of the Democratic Party appeared first on The Nation.

Joan Walsh (2018-09-05). Democrats Find Their Spine at the Kavanaugh Hearings—but Will It Last? thenation.com Democrats Find Their Spine at the Kavanaugh Hearings—but Will It Last? appeared first on The Nation.

Shared by Hezvo Mpunga (2018-09-05). Does Hogan's Schools Rhetoric Match his Track Record? therealnews.com Some Democrats say Larry Hogan is taking credit for their educational accomplishments, but will either candidate's policy be transformational for public schools?

Democracy Now! (2018-09-05). Chaos Greets Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing as Protesters & Dems Demand Postponement. democracynow.org Protests, arrests and repeated calls from Democratic senators to adjourn the proceedings. That's how confirmation hearings began Tuesday for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's pick to fill Justice Anthony Kennedy's seat on the Supreme Court. We begin our look at the hearings with Heidi Sieck, co-founder of the national organization VoteProChoice, who was the first member of the public to enter the Kavanaugh hearings on Tuesday and was removed after she protested, along with dozens of others who interrupted the proceedings.

Shared by Hezvo Mpunga (2018-09-05). Extreme Heat Prompts 65 Baltimore School Closures, Student Protests. therealnews.com The closures sparked a debate between students and Republican Gov. Larry Hogan about who is to blame for the lack of air conditioning in city schools

RT (2018-09-05). Boston the latest upset as progressive wave sweeps Democratic party. rt.com Across the US, younger, ethnically diverse candidates, many of them with far-left platforms, are reshaping the Democratic Party. However, in liberal Boston, progressivism is nothing new. |

Orson Aguilar (2018-09-04). Democrats Can't Run from Identity Politics. progressive.org Political pundits say progressives are alienating working class whites by talking too much about race. They're wrong.

Democracy Now! (2018-09-04). Headlines for September 4, 2018. democracynow.org Confirmation Hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh Begin Today, Trump Attacks Sessions for Filing Charges Against 2 Republican Congressmen, Father of Mollie Tibbetts: Don't Use Her Death to Promote Xenophobia and Racism, Trump Warns Syrian Government Not to Attack Idlib, Reuters Journalists Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison After Investigating Burmese Military Massacre, Saudi-Led Coalition Says Bombing of School Bus, Killing 40 Children, Was "Unjustified", Germany: 50,000 Attend Anti-Racism Concert in Chemnitz, Brazil: Fire at National Museum Destroys Millions of Pieces of Art and History, Canadian Court Rejects Effort…

RT (2018-09-03). Pundits lose minds over 'bipartisan' candy-sharing moment between George W. Bush & Michelle Obama. rt.com Who knew Democrats and Republicans spoke to each other outside of work hours? Apparently not everyone, since the moment George Bush passed some candy to Michelle Obama at John McCain's funeral sent social media into meltdown.

John Nichols (2018-09-02). Democrats Need to Show a Whole Lot of Solidarity With Labor in 2018. thenation.com Democrats Need to Show a Whole Lot of Solidarity With Labor in 2018 appeared first on The Nation.

Democracy Now! (2018-08-30). From the Grassroots to the Ballot Box: How Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum Won in Florida. democracynow.org After progressive candidate Andrew Gillum pulled off a stunning upset in Florida's Democratic primary for governor Tuesday, putting him on a path to become the state's first African-American governor, he was attacked within hours by his Republican opponent—handpicked by Trump—who warned voters not to "monkey this up" by supporting Gillum. Even Fox said they they don't condone his comments. We speak with two activists who've worked with Gillum: Phillip Agnew with Dream Defenders in Florida and Charlene Carruthers, head of Black Youth Project 100 and author of the new book "Unapologetic: A Black, Queer,…

Ruth Conniff (2018-08-29). Florida Primary Sets up Stark Choice, New Day for Democrats. progressive.org In Tuesday's primary elections, Democrats offer a powerful answer to the rapacious politics that have exacerbated inequality across the country.

Democracy Now! (2018-08-29). Headlines for August 29, 2018. democracynow.org Puerto Rico Increases Hurricane Death Toll to 2,975, Andrew Gillum, a Black Progressive Backed by Bernie Sanders, Wins Florida Gubernatorial Primary, Trump-Backed Martha McSally Wins Arizona GOP Senate Primary, Trump Warns of "Violence" If Democrats Win Control of Congress, Texas Police Officer Convicted for Killing 15-Year-Old African-American Student, Teachers in Washington State Begin Strike, U.N. Secretary-General: Report on Genocide Targeting Rohingya Needs Serious Consideration, India Carries Out Raids Arresting Critics of Modi Government, France's Environment Minister Resigns On-Air over Climate Change, De…

Democracy Now! (2018-08-28). Bound & Gagged: Black Panther Party Chair Bobby Seale Describes His Trial After 1968 DNC Protests. democracynow.org As we revisit the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago that became a national spectacle 50 years ago when police attacked demonstrators, we are joined by Bobby Seale, who was chair of the Black Panther Party when he spoke at the demonstrations and was later arrested and became part of the Chicago 8. Seale describes how at his conspiracy trial the judge ordered that he be gagged and bound to his chair. He was sentenced to 48 months in prison for 16 acts of contempt of court, but all of the charges were later dismissed.

Democracy Now! (2018-08-28). 50 Years Ago: Antiwar Protesters Brutally Attacked in Police Riots at 1968 Democratic Convention. democracynow.org It was 50 years ago this week that the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago became a national spectacle, as a major political event turned into chaos that culminated with a police riot, much of it unfolding on live national television. Chicago met the protesters with 24,000 police officers, National Guardsmen and Army soldiers using tear gas and clubs. We feature Newsreel clips from the week and go to Chicago to speak with former SDS and Weather Underground member Bill Ayers, who was arrested 50 years ago.

Democracy Now! (2018-08-28). 1968 DNC Protests, 50 Years Later: Organizers Recall Coalition Building & Running Pig for President. democracynow.org We revisit the 1968 DNC protests in Chicago, where Yippies Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin nominated a pig named "Pigasus the Immortal" to compete with candidates Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon. They hoped to In-Hog-Ur-Ate Pigasus instead. His platform was to be a pile of garbage—"just like the platform of all the other parties." They demanded Pigasus be taken to the White House for a foreign policy briefing and given a Secret Service detail. Pigasus was later arrested along with many others, who were charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and bringing a pig to Chicago. Defense attorney Will…

James Jeffrey (2018-08-27). The Democratic Party's 1968 Implosion Is Still Sending Shock Waves Fifty Years On. progressive.org After the establishment came down on the counterculture at the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention, the Democratic Party was never the same.

Erwin Knoll (2018-08-25). The Night Erwin Knoll Spent in Jail: A Report from the Democrat's 1968 Convention in Chicago. progressive.org This piece was originally published in 1968 after the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where anti-war demonstrations were met with violent police backlash. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the event.

Paul Krassner (2018-08-22). The Funny Side of 1968. progressive.org A flashback to the unruly Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

Jeff Bryant (2018-08-16). Is Louisville Ground Zero in the Fight for Democratic Control of Public Schools? progressive.org The takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools is not a contest between 'red vs. blue,' but of whether democracy matters at all.

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